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Adult Improv Workshop with Jimmy Carrane!

Get Your Game on!

Day(s): Sunday
Date(s): April 23, 2017
Time(s): 1pm - 4pm
Class Location: Stuart Room
Instructor: Jimmy Carrane
Ages: 18+
Level: all
Minimum Number of Students 7
Fee: $150

Jimmy Carrane is an actor, writer, improviser, teacher, comedian, author & podcaster!

Jimmy Carrane was not raised by wolves. He did, however, grow up in a house where he wasn’t encouraged to express himself. "This is very similar to being raised by wolves except wolves always get to be wolves. Except when they’re in sheep’s clothing". The good news is, Jimmy’s early years as a non-wolf in non-expressive clothing got him to where he is today!


His improv studies and performances began among a legion of legendary misfits at The Second City and iO Chicago (then known as Improv Olympics). Jimmy also became one of the original members of The Annoyance Theater. Years later, he would return to teach at all three theaters, excited to share his experiences and guide a new generation of performers
through the art of improvisation.


Improv is a fresh approach to scenic improvisation, based on the idea that before you can be funny, you need to be real. In this first level of Jimmy Carrane’s unique method, you will learn that you don’t have to invent something to be funny; audiences respond to real life situations and performers who are brave enough to be honest. This class is appropriate for those new to improv and seasoned improvisers looking for a new approach.


In this workshop, you will touch upon how to:

  • Respond emotionally to your scene partner
  • Use the environment and object work to make powerful scenes
  • Be authentic and vulnerable on stage
  • Improvise with all your emotions, including anger
  • Develop your unique comedic voice
  • Play the reality of the scene
  • Perform both group and two-person scenes

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