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Nia Fitness-Mornings

Energize for your weekend!

Day(s): Fridays
Date(s): 10/20 - 11/17/17
Time(s): 10-11AM
Class Location: Friends Room
Instructor: Hannah Judy Gretz
Level: All
Fee: $15/class or $65/5week session

Join Hannah Judy Gretz as she teaches you the wonderful workout known as "NIA."   Hannah Judy Gretz took her first Nia class in March, 2016 and left that class with the conviction that she needed to become a certified Nia instructor.  She received her White Belt Intensive Training in Chicago under the direction of Jamie Klausing.

Originally billed as Non-Impact aerobics (hence the NIA) it is essentially dance to great music.  However, the dance is intentional in that it comprises 52 moves designed to exercise the joints, and promote flexibility, agility, and stability. Nia combines nine movement forms, three each from the Healing Arts, Martial Arts and Dance Arts.

Nia is, above all, about the joy of movement and raising life force.  It is non-judgmental and specifically includes and encourages free dance.  All the movements can be done at three levels — close to the body, medium range and finally, as big and athletic as you want!  Because of the range of possible movements, Nia can be enjoyed and adapted by virtually anyone, even those with significant physical limitations.  

Nia is preferably done barefoot, but can be done wearing socks or shoes. Nia is about sensing the body’s way and your body’s way. It is about becoming comfortable in your own skin, becoming body aware. It is also very much about having fun!

A Nia class is an hour long and contains 9-14 songs.  Class starts with a warm-up song or two,  increases in intensity, and then ends with "cool down" songs.  The music is pretty wonderful!  It is an excellent cardio workout as well as incorporating strengthening moves.



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